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FAQ for Laser Treatments

Are laser treatments safe?

All laser treatments are non-invasive and safe with minimum side effects. To ensure total safety, your skin will be evaluated by one of our highly trained laser technicians. In addition, your medical history will be carefully reviewed. Any contraindications and procedure expectations will be discussed with you prior to beginning of the treatment.

What are the requirements before & during all laser treatments?

No exposure (natural or suntan beds) for 4-8 weeks before and throughout the treatment course, to reduce the melanin content of the skin and minimise possible side-effects. Use of SPF 40+ is recommended for daily on all exposed treatment areas. Self-tanning creams also produce increased skin colour and if used between laser treatments, should be stopped a week prior to each treatment and exfoliation of the area should be performed each day to remove this artificial colour. Please review our laser contraindications section for further details.

What kind of precautions would I need to take after treatment?

For 24 hours after treatment you should avoid: HOT baths & showers, make-up and deodorant, which may irritate the treated area. It is also advised that the treated area should not be exposed to sunlight in between your treatment series and for 4 weeks after the last treatment. If this is unavoidable the area should be covered or a total sunblock SPF20+ must be used. For a complete list of post treatment instructions please review our expectations & aftercare section.

What should I do on the day of the treatment?

On the day of the appointment avoid any perfumes, colognes, after-shave, or body lotions on the area to be treated. If your face is being treated, do not wear any makeup to your appointment. If you are undergoing a hair reduction or hair retardation treatments, you should shave the area to be treated starting your second appointment. Do not wear deodorants or antiperspirants if your underarms are being treated.

What part of the face or body can be treated?

All areas of the face and body, except the area directly around the eyes and the inside of the nose and ears can be treated safely and effectively provided there is no active skin inflammation in the treatment area.

What are the possible side effects from laser treatments?

If all pre-treatment instructions are followed and there are no medical conditions present in clients being treated, the side effects rarely occur. However in isolated cases the following may occur:

◦mild discomfort - stinging sensation or mild sun burn like feeling may occur immediately after treatment. This sensation may last anywhere from one (1) hour up to twelve (12) hours post treatment.

◦diffused redness or mild skin swelling - you skin may appear pink or flushed immediately post procedure and it may swell slightly. This can last for a few hours after treatment.

◦change of skin pigmentation may occur in the treated areas. Most cases of hypo/hyper pigmentation occur on people with darker skins. This condition may persist for a few weeks.

◦bruising may occur on the treated area and may last from five (5) to fifteen (15) days