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Urinary Incontinence

Jan 19, 2017

Most women with urinary incontinence, don't tell anyone or do anything about the condition at first. Some women notice after childbirth just a smidge at first, but by the time they reach there 40's some are wearing panty liners all the time, and by there 50's a maxi pad, and could be in a full adult diaper into there 60's.  Most women haven't even heard of a treatment for incontinence, they just assume it is just a part of getting old.

This condition can have a huge impact on a woman's quality of life.  They may begin to exercise less and even be disinclined to be sexually active because they're afraid they'll be incontinent.

FemiLift is a non surgical C02 laser treatment that has earned a 100% worth it rating on Real Self, and has been featured on The Doctors.  It's a quick 15 minute treatment, painless, and you can return to work or normal activities immediately afterwards. It usually consists of 3-4 treatments.  Downtime requires no tampon insertion or sexual activities for 4 days post procedure. FemiLift treats vaginal laxity, mild urinary incontinence and recurring infections.

We want you to feel comfortable in talking with us at New Image Cosmetic, you may book an initial complimentary consultation with Linda our Cosmetic Consultant.  She will explain the procedure to you and even give you the opportunity to discuss the procedure with any of the 4 staff members in our clinic who have had the treatment. You have the opportunity to have the treatment performed by our female Certified Trained Technician and RN.

One of our staff members suffered from a PH Imbalance after her menstal cycle resulting in constant yeast infections, she has not had an incident since her 1st treatment in August!

Woman to Woman We Can Talk!

We are the only Clinic in Edmonton with the FemiLift!