Cosmetic Injectables

Our Edmonton clinic offers non-surgical procedures for smoothing away frown lines and wrinkles, with little or no down time. From the slightest wrinkles to deep set folds, injectables will soften, reduce and restore a more youthful you.

Botox® - Juvederm® – Voluma® – Volbella® – Volite® – Botulinum Neurotoxin

Please visit or our Dermal Fillers FAQ for more information on how Botulinum Neurotoxins work. 

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Results may vary.

Results may vary.


Dr.Poon's New image lift (Non-Surgical Facelift)

The dermal fillers used for lifting the face are placed along specific vectors in the face, that maximize the lift of tissue. There is also a specific order regarding which areas are filled in sequence to maximize volumizing and lift while maintaining a natural result. 

Over time your skin begins to lose hyaluronic acid and collagen, resulting in fine lines, wrinkles, and a loss of fullness and elasticity. Dr. Poon can skillfully reverse these signs of aging by correcting the wrinkles and folds and adding volume to sunken skin.

Lip Enhancement / Injections / Filler

At New Image Cosmetic in Edmonton, Dr. Poon is known for natural looking lips. Look like you were born with luscious lips! Dr. Poon's "virtually painless" technique will leave you thrilled with your results.

Juvederm Ultra® and Volbella® are especially designed for plumping up the lips and rejuvenating the area around the mouth.

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Non-Surgical Nasal Augmentation

A non-surgical nasal augmentation is a non-invasive procedure that can drastically change the appearance of the nose without undergoing surgery.

This treatment can smooth out a bridge hump by adding filler above or below the hump. Adding filler to the tip of the nose can improve symmetry and shape and help achieve an overall great result after smoothing a bridge hump. Edmonton’s Dr. Poon uses a cannula to reduce swelling and bruising. This improves the appearance of bumps, humps, drooping tips, and crooked noses. It restores symmetry, making the nose straighter and more attractive.⠀

Facial Contouring

There are non-invasive facial contouring options for the face using dermal fillers. These treatments can help shape and define areas such as the jawline, chin, cheeks, nose, and brow with little to no downtime.

Edmonton’s Dr. Poon has performed thousand of non-invasive facial contouring procedures and our patients are able to achieve natural results without surgery.