Massage Therapy

Based on the same principle as human touch, massage is the oldest method of promoting good health, suppleness and strength.

Let our Registered Massage Therapists customize your massage!

Massage Therapy is the kneading, manipulation or application of methodical pressure and friction of the body. Whether it is for treatment of injury, stress or for relaxation, the skilled use of massage is used to maintain and enhance the health and well being of the entire body. Experience the benefits massage can offer you.

Relaxation Massage:

Escape from your worries during this very relaxing full body treatment. Using body work techniques personalized to your specific needs we will release muscular tension and stress to calm and soothe your body. This heavenly treatment will not only bring relief and enjoyment but improve circulation, restore proper muscle balance and replenish your system. 

Hot Stone Therapy:

Experience the ultimate in relaxation. Stone massage involves the application of heated stones to key points on the body, allowing an intense penetrating heat which eases muscle aches, improves circulation, relieves back pain, and reduces stress. The warmth of the stones promotes deep healing by expanding the blood vessels and relaxing the nervous system, alleviating symptoms of insomnia and arthritic conditions while melting away the tension and stresses of daily life. This unique indulgence is not to be missed!

Deep Tissue Massage:

Deep tissue massageis a technique that focuses on releasing and treating chronic patterns of restrictions in the deeper myofascial tissues of the muscle, tendon and ligaments. The therapist uses deep slow strokes, compressions and/or frictions to help break down scar tissue and crystallization. These techniques help increase the circulation of blood, lymph, and speed up the removal of toxins and waste products from the body.


All massage appointments may be booked as single, 30 minute chair express, 60, 90 or 120 minutes. We now direct bill to most insurance companies, call for more information.