Why Linda Loves Belkyra!



After 2 Treatments

After 2 Treatments

Belkyra is a Health Canada approved injectable to dissolve under the chin fat, aka the double chin.

Before I had Belkyra, I was always self-conscious of my double chin. I especially hated when I would see tagged photos of me on Facebook, Instagram and such (like hello people, I did not approve that!). All I could see was that chin. Ugh.

Dr. Poon was one of the first 3 doctors in Edmonton to be trained to inject Belkyra. And guess who’s lucky enough to work for him? Me! Guess who was Dr. Poon’s first Belkyra patient 2 years ago? Me!

I was so excited at the thought of reducing and maybe even eliminating my double chin.

You definitely feel this treatment. After all, it is small needles poking you in the chin. There’s also the chemical reaction that takes place as the deoxycholic acid is injected. It’s not the most pleasant but totally tolerable. Then there’s the swelling. Now, the swelling is something that I certainly noticed (think feeling a bit like a bullfrog) but other people didn’t notice unless I pointed it out. That lasts about 3-5 days (sometimes more). Over the course of the next couple of weeks it kind of gets hard and lumpy.

I had my second round of Belkyra 6 weeks later and the process was the same.

These are my before and after pictures of two Belkyra treatments. I think you can see why I love Belkyra! THE RESULTS ARE PERMANENT!!!

Dr. Poon does the most Belkyra treatments in Western Canada with a 100% patient satisfaction rate in patients who follow Dr. Poon’s protocol!

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