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What is Belkyra™?

Belkyra™ is an FDA and Health Canada approved safe injectable substance that is used to reduce and potentially eliminate fat under the chin.

Dr. Poon in Edmonton does the most Belkyra treatments in Canada.

What is submental adipose or double chin?

A double chin is an unwanted collection of fat under the chin. It forms a convex distension that takes the appearance of a double, triple or even quadruple chin. Unfortunately, double chins can be unrelated to weight and lifestyle and Edmonton double chin patients often describe their double chin as hereditary and are very difficult to lose. Systemic weight loss can target generalized fat collections, but often the double chin or triple chin will persist. A double chin makes one look older, more dowdy and less fit. Observers make assumptions that the individual is less healthy.

The Belkyra Injectable (known as Kybella in USA) have been approved by the FDA and by Health Canada as an injectable liquid inserted gently into the fat of the under chin, similar to Juvederm soft tissue fillers. The Belkyra Injectable chemically breaks down the unwanted localized fat.

Edmonton double chin patients can have this unwanted fat shrunken down or even eliminated using Belkyra.

What exactly is Belkyra Injectable and Kybella Injectable and what are the ingredients?

Belkyra Injectable is a non-animal, non-human, synthetic chemical substance that can be found in smaller quantities in the human body. It is a lecithin type of chemical that can disrupt the cell membrane of fat cells, releasing their contents and break them down safely and effectively.

Belkyra, New Image Cosmetics, Edmonton AB

What happens to the double chin fat once Belkyra Injectable works?

The Belkrya Injectable disrupts the cell membrane of the fat cells that cause the double chin. When the cell membrane of the fat cell is disrupted, the contents of the fat cell, the glycerol and free fatty acids are leaked into the surrounding subcutaneous space. The contents that are leaked in the interstitial space are harmless and the body has a tremendous capacity to naturally remove free fatty acids and glycerol quite safely and effectively. The contents of the fat cell that are released are taken back to the liver for natural processing or through the kidney for elimination. There is no increased risk for atherosclerotic disease or heart disease from the small amounts of adipose cells and fat cells that are broken down using Belkyra Injectable.

Is there any downtime after Belkrya Injectable?

Most Belkyra injectable patients can return immediately to normal activities. There is a small, very slight bruising sensation. Some patients experience a small amount of burning and discomfort, but no more so than undergoing any other injectable treatment such as Restylane, Juvederm or Botox Injectable. There is temporary swelling following treatment.

Can Belkyra patients return to normal activities after Belkyra Injectable?

Edmonton double chin patients who undergo Belkyra can return to normal activities immediately. Activities such as sedentary work, low impact exercise activities can all be reinstituted immediately after the treatment.

Is the Belkyra Injectable for my double chin painful?

Edmonton double chin patients who undergo the treatment find that Belkyra Injectable procedures are quite comfortable. The post-operative course is quite comfortable and patients can return to activities almost immediately.

Is there any special post treatment care after Belkyra injectable?

There are no specific post-operative activities, care or special skin care needs required for Edmonton Belkyra Injectable patients. A small amount of swelling from the injection may persist for 48-72 hours, but generally resolves over several days. Quite often the swelling is not noticeable to others; it is camouflaged within your double chin. There may be small amounts of bruising, although this is uncommon in the small injection sites and this can be camouflaged with powder or makeup.

How long does it take for the Belkyra Injectable to work?

Every patient is different. There are different amounts of subcutaneous fat in a double chin and the more fat present the more Belkyra Injectable will be required. In general, between two and often several injections may be required to get adequate double chin reduction. The small injections are separated by a month apart and modest amounts of submental fat can be removed in several Belkyra injections. Large amounts of subcutaneous fat, double, triple or quadruple chins may take more Belkyra Injectable and Kybella injectable procedures. After each injection, predictable amounts of fat cells exposed to the chemical are dissolved and taken way gently and effectively and metabolized normally by the body, thus reduction the size of a double chin.

Does Belkyra Injectable work on loose skin?

Edmonton double chin patients who also have a significant degree of lax skin will often undergo Belkyra Injectable procedures in combination with skin tightening procedures such as the Venus Legacy, a well-known for energy device that can tighten skin non-invasively and may be used in conjunction with Belkyra injectable to tighten the skin while the fat is being reduced.

Belkyra, New Image Cosmetics, Edmonton AB

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