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Varicose Vein Treatment in Edmonton, Alberta

Varicose veins are a problem for many individuals, often causing concerns about appearance and sometimes even causing swelling, pain, and discomfort. While varicose veins can be a frustrating condition, there are several very effective treatments that can be used to treat them.

At New Image Cosmetic, we offer both sclerotherapy and laser treatments to target and eliminate varicose veins. With personalized treatment plans and exceptional care, we can help you to enjoy legs that are free from varicose veins and any accompanying discomfort. When you schedule a consultation at our office in Edmonton, Alberta, we can develop a varicose vein treatment plan that matches your symptoms and concerns.

What Is a Varicose Vein and What Causes Them? 

Varicose veins are enlarged veins that usually occur in the legs. They are blue or purple in color and may bulge out from the surface of the skin. When the veins in your legs are working correctly, valves within the veins help to prevent backward flow as blood makes its way up the veins in your legs and to the heart. However, when these valves become weak or damaged, blood can pool in the veins causing them to stretch and enlarge. This can cause them to bulge outwards, becoming unsightly and sometimes leading to varicose vein pain. Risk factors of varicose veins include a family history of the condition, prolonged periods of either sitting or standing, and age.

What Are the Symptoms of Varicose Veins?

Varicose veins can often be painless, which may mean that your only symptom is the appearance of the veins on the surface of the skin. However, patients may experience a variety of other symptoms of varicose veins such as:

  • Aching or throbbing pain in the legs, especially after prolonged periods of standing or sitting
  • Swelling or heaviness in the legs, particularly towards the end of the day
  • Itching or irritation around the affected veins
  • Muscle cramps or a feeling of restless legs
  • Skin discoloration or darkening around the varicose veins
Varicose Vein Treatment in Edmonton, Alberta | New Image Cosmetic

How Can Varicose Veins Be Treated? 

Laser Treatments for Varicose Veins

During a laser varicose vein treatment, a device is used to target the veins under the skin’s surface, causing the vessels to heat up and eventually collapse. Over time, the veins can begin to gradually disappear. The larger the vein, the more sessions you may need to completely remove the varicose vein.

Benefits of Laser Treatments

  • Precise Targeting: Laser treatments allow for precise targeting of varicose veins, ensuring that only the affected veins are treated while leaving the surrounding tissues unharmed.
  • Minimally Invasive: Laser treatments are minimally invasive and comfortable.
  • Quick and Convenient: Laser treatments are performed as outpatient procedures, allowing you to resume your daily activities shortly after the treatment. The procedure itself is relatively quick, providing efficient and convenient treatment for varicose veins.

Sclerotherapy for Varicose Veins

Sclerotherapy is another effective treatment option that can be used on anything from mild to severe varicose veins. During this type of treatment, a solution known as sclerosant is injected into the problem vein. This solution is designed to irritate the blood vessels. When the blood vessel becomes irritated, it collapses and starts to shrivel, allowing for the blood to flow through healthier veins. In some cases, the varicose veins may be able to be treated in just one session. Other veins may need to be injected multiple times to fully treat them. 

Benefits of Sclerotherapy

  • Versatile Treatment: Sclerotherapy can be used to treat both varicose veins and spider veins, making it a versatile option for individuals with different types of vein issues.
  • Non-Surgical: Similar to laser treatments, sclerotherapy is a non-surgical procedure that requires minimal downtime. It is performed in-office, and you can typically resume your regular activities shortly after the treatment.
  • Effective Results: Sclerotherapy can be highly effective in reducing the appearance of varicose veins and improving overall leg aesthetics. For those who experience varicose vein pain, it can also effectively improve these symptoms.
  • Minimal Discomfort: The procedure is well-tolerated by most individuals and causes only minimal discomfort. You may experience some mild stinging or tingling sensations during the injection process, but these effects typically subside quickly.

Varicose Veins Before and After Pictures

Varicose Veins Before Pictures | New Image Cosmetic
Varicose Veins Before and After Pictures | New Image Cosmetic

How Can You Prevent More Varicose Veins?

While it isn’t always possible to prevent the formation of varicose veins, there are certain steps you can take after your treatment to keep your smooth and pain-free legs. It is important to stay active and exercise regularly. It can also help to avoid sitting or standing for long periods of time. If you have to sit or stand, take regular breaks to stretch your legs. When possible, you can elevate your legs to help the blood to flow back to your heart, and you can wear compression stockings to help improve blood circulation. 

Varicose Vein | New Image Cosmetic

Varicose Vein Treatment in Edmonton, Alberta

At New Image Cosmetic, we offer advanced varicose vein treatments to help you overcome the challenges posed by varicose veins. Our laser treatments and sclerotherapy options provide effective solutions that not only improve the appearance of varicose veins but also alleviate symptoms and promote better leg health.

We are committed to delivering personalized care, guiding you through every step of the treatment process. We understand the importance of tailored solutions and are dedicated to helping you achieve healthier, more beautiful legs. Call us today at (587) 870-6305 to schedule a consultation or reach out online.

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