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Youthful Hands at Any Age: How Medspas Can Restore Your Skin

Aging gracefully is a beautiful process, yet it often leaves its mark, particularly on our hands. Signs like diminished skin elasticity, age spots, and volume loss can impact the way they look. At New Image Cosmetic in Edmonton, Alberta, we understand how significant these subtle changes can be.

Hand rejuvenation treatments at our facility offer a comprehensive solution that can address these age-related changes. From lightening age spots to restoring lost volume, our treatments are designed to rejuvenate the appearance of your hands effectively. Our approach is rooted in expertise and a deep understanding of dermatological health so that every treatment can contribute to your overall wellness.

The Aging Process in Your Hands

The hands often betray the aging process more visibly than other parts of the body. Over time, the skin on the hands can become much thinner. Fat pads under the skin, which can lead to a more youthful appearance, tend to diminish, resulting in a loss of volume and a more prominent appearance of veins and tendons. The skin can also become less even and develop darker areas.

What Can Contribute to Aging Hands?

Several factors contribute to the aging appearance of hands. Prolonged exposure to sunlight is a significant contributor, leading to age spots and uneven skin tone. Frequent hand washing and exposure to harsh chemicals can also strip away natural oils, hastening the aging process. Genetic factors and lifestyle choices, such as diet and hydration habits, also play a role in how our hands age.

What Is Hand Rejuvenation?

Hand rejuvenation refers to non-surgical treatments aimed at restoring a youthful appearance to the hands. They can address a range of concerns. Our non-surgical hand rejuvenation options are carefully selected to match individual skin types and aesthetic goals.

Why Choose Hand Rejuvenation?

  • Restored Volume: Hand rejuvenation treatments effectively address the loss of volume, a common sign of aging hands. These treatments replenish the fullness, giving your hands a more youthful appearance.
  • Reduced Vein Visibility: Hand rejuvenation helps in minimizing the increased visibility of hand veins, leading to smoother, more uniform-looking hands.
  • Improved Tone and Texture: Hand rejuvenation also improves the overall tone and texture of the skin. This includes reducing age spots and evening out skin coloration for a more consistent and youthful look.
  • Long-Term Results and Minimal Downtime: These treatments offer a balance between long-term results and minimal downtime. This allows for a quick return to daily activities while enjoying lasting improvements.

Our Hand Rejuvenation Treatment Options

Laser Hand Rejuvenation

Laser hand rejuvenation is a technique used to counteract certain signs of aging in your hands. Using laser technology, this treatment delicately removes layers of skin, stimulating the body’s healing process and promoting fresh, rejuvenated skin growth.

What Can Laser Hand Rejuvenation Treat?

Laser hand rejuvenation is designed to address a variety of skin concerns. It’s effective in reducing age spots, fine lines, and uneven skin tone. The precision of laser treatments allows for targeted rejuvenation so that specific areas of concern can be effectively treated.

Who Is the Right Candidate for Laser Hand Rejuvenation?

The ideal candidate for laser hand rejuvenation is someone experiencing discoloration, texture irregularities, or loss of skin elasticity. Candidates should have realistic expectations and be in good overall health. This treatment is suitable for a range of skin types, but a consultation is important to determine the best approach for each individual’s needs.

Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers, including well-known brands like Radiesse® and Juvederm®, provide a non-surgical option for restoring lost volume and smoothing out wrinkles. Hand rejuvenation fillers are one of the easiest ways to enhance the texture and contour of aging hands.

What Can Dermal Fillers Treat?

Non-surgical hand rejuvenation using dermal fillers is most effective in addressing volume loss. This reduces the prominence of tendons and veins. Dermal fillers also offer immediate results, which can be attractive for those seeking fast rejuvenation.


Sclerotherapy is an established method of vein removal and can be used as a hand rejuvenation treatment. This treatment involves injecting a solution directly into the veins, causing them to shrink and eventually disappear.

What Can Sclerotherapy Treat?

If veins are too visible to treat with dermal fillers alone, sclerotherapy offers another option for reducing prominent veins. These veins can often become more noticeable with age because of thinning skin or higher blood pressure. This treatment can make the hands more uniform and youthful.

Who Is the Right Candidate for Sclerotherapy?

The ideal candidate for this hand rejuvenation treatment is someone who has specific concerns regarding the visibility of prominent veins in their hands. This treatment can be especially helpful for patients who want non-surgical vein removal for cosmetic reasons. We will check to make sure you are in good health and discuss all of your options before recommending sclerotherapy.

How to Care for Your Hands Post Treatment

After undergoing hand rejuvenation, proper care can help maintain the treatment’s benefits. Using sunscreen regularly on your hands is important to protect against sun damage. Integrating a consistent skincare routine with hydrating moisturizers and dedicated hand-care products can support the longevity of the treatment’s results. Opting for occasional maintenance treatments can also be beneficial.

Personalized Hand Rejuvenation Treatments in Edmonton

Hand rejuvenation treatments in Edmonton, Alberta, offer a diverse range of options to combat the signs of aging hands, each designed to meet specific needs and preferences. At New Image Cosmetic, we provide customized solutions that can significantly enhance the appearance of your hands, from laser resurfacing to dermal fillers. If you’re interested in exploring these options further, feel free to reach out or call us at (780) 756-3828 to learn more or schedule a consultation.

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